The Idea for Powerfeed

Ten Point – Inspiration Buck

This buck was really the beginning of what started my thinking about making my own feed attractant blocks. I was buying a new block that was on the market that was totally different from anything else out there. I was putting these blocks out and was getting more consistent activity to one of my stand sites. In late October this buck showed himself early and came right to the block without hesitation, that was his final destination. I really started contemplating more on this idea of producing an attractant feed that was even more different than this block I was using.

Eight Point – Confirmation Buck

This short continued story from the Inspiration buck leads me to Confirmaton buck. As I observed the feeding habits on the blocks I was putting out, the deer want to be able to eat not lick something, so I understood why these blocks were working so well, the deer could take small bites of it and it was sweeter than anything else I had used before. I knew I could make my own, but I still wanted to make something that was even more different from this block and create even better results, if that was even possible. I also thought that my hunting budget might become a little more affordable. A couple days later hunting the same stand where I shot the Inspiration Buck, this eight point came into the block again without hesitation, and that became his resting place. He confirmed my thoughts to put the wheels in motion to come up with a different type feed block attractant. Hence the Confirmation Buck.


Sweet Addiction Power Feed – Fruition

After careful thought and the desire to be part of the hunting industry I wanted to create a feed attractant that would stand alone, and was able to create more consistent mature buck activity to stand sites. After countless months of testing in recipes and field testing I believe the formula that I have come up with, will do just that.

Bill Stacy – Owner & Founder of Edge Attractants Inc.